About Us

Shanghai Zhu'En Industry Co., a professional manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic machineries, automatic machineries, and CNC machineries. It engages in R&D, production, marketing and sales. Leading products are hydraulic machine, oil press, four-column oil press, Shanghai oil press, four-column supercharger, horizontal hydraulic machine, Shanghai bearing pressing machine, hydraulic pressure station, aerostatic press, C type hydraulic machine, pneumatic and hydraulic supercharger, membrane switch drum machine, IMD hot-press forming machine, LCD protective film cutting machine, bearing pressing machine, edge trimmer for pressure casting product, soft circuit board press, pneumatic hot press, hydraulic hot press, hydraulic system, and other non-standard pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, which can be widely used in electronics, electrical equipment, printing, packing, plastic, furniture, automobile, pressure casting and other industries.

In addition, the company also offers well-known pneumatic and hydraulic elements of Taiwan. We’ll offer you professional technical consultation, service, and we can repair various hydraulic machineries.